Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last Gladiator Standing

J'onn Sinew Nu called me into his office.

"Jon," he said. "You participated in Big Brother: Naboo."

"Yes. Yes, I did."

"And you know how everyone was hooked on Survivor: Tatooine."

"This is true," I replied.

"Well, I want you to host the greatest new survivor reality show right here on Hacknor -- Last Gladiator Standing!"

"Uh..... OK," I looked at him.

"I want it to be bigger and better than those other shows could ever have been!" Sinew Nu's eyes glazed.

"Well, you know some of those challenges were tough," I said.

"Well ours will be tougher!" he exclaimed.

"Some were pretty wild."

"Ours will be even more so!"

"Some of them were kind of stupid..."

"Well, ours will be stupider!"


So there you have it. To enter, email me at joninterglad@hotmail.com.


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