Friday, June 30, 2006

Challenge #6

The challenge has been cast. The gauntlet thrown down. Many have been called, few have answered. On the planet Hacknor... On Fire Island D, twelve brave contestants will compete. Who will falter? Who will thrive? Who will be

Everyone is gathered on the tarmac of the landing pad.

Jon: Gladiators, welcome to Challenge #6. You people are going to need your wits for this one. Your wits and your fast thinketedness.

Captain Picard: Why are we on the landing pad? Is this going to be another race?

Jon: Even better.

Professor X: Are we going into space?

Jon: Nope. Better.

Henchman: Are we shooting each other out of cannons?

Jon: Uh no... But your challenge has arrived. Take a look.

A small group of hoverbuses descend onto the landing pad. Each one settles to a halt.

Magdelena: Buses?

Jon: Tour buses.

AOC: And it is full of...

Jon: Tourists.

Gyrobo: We fight the tourists? I love political humor!

Jon: No no. You're just taking them on a tour of Hacknor.

The handsome host climbs into one bus and greets the driver with a slap on the shoulder. He then grabbed the microphone for the bus.

Jon: How are you doing, everybody?

Tourists: Yay!

Jon: I got a bunch of people here who are ready to take you on a tour of Hacknor. Are you ready?

Tourists: Yay!

Jon: Great. (to the contestants) As before, you're playing for immunity for yourself and team. Simon and Randy will be your judges. Any questions?

The contestants stare blankly at Jon.

Jon: OK, who's first?


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